Night View NV Reviews

Peterson Vargas – ( Oskaloosa, IA ) Reviewed on: July 2014

I waited awhile to find the perfect night vision glasses. I’ve tried a couple of glasses but failed to meet my standards. Luckily, I came across Night View NV Glasses on TV and decided to give it a try since it’s not that expensive anyway and it has that 30-day money back guarantee. When I received the package, I immediately took it out for a test run and I was impressed. No need to get my money back as I have found the perfect night vision glasses for me. Not only that, I do get 2 pairs just in case I break the first pair. I highly encourage everyone to get the Night View NV Glasses as it will make driving easier and better for you like how it has done it for me.

Jericho Stuart – ( Jacksonville, FL ) Reviewed on: July 2014

I don’t really have any problems with the light and all but my wife felt so much safer when I wear my NV Glasses. She really loves those online products. I was hesitant to wear the NV Glasses because I didn’t like the style and the yellow-tint. But when I wore it for the first time the other day, I saw the difference of wearing it and without it. I think this has got to be the best products my wife bought online!

Bettina Livingston – ( Baltimore, MD ) Reviewed on: July 2014

Night View NV is one of the best glasses I have ever bought. I’m happy that it didn’t cost as much and yet it works very much. I feel like I paid less for something so perfect and great. I do not squint my eyes anymore every time an approaching car has its bright lights on. I can drive peacefully at night and in any weather! It’s a great product that every driver in the United States should have this and the streets will definitely have lesser accidents!

Jorge Miller – ( Newark, NJ ) Reviewed on: July 2014

NV Glasses is amazing. I felt like my vision was enhanced. I gave the other pair to my 55-year old mother who still drives, and she loved it. She told me that it felt as if she had her perfectly clear vision back from the previous years. I think it’s great that the makers didn’t charge quite a lot for this innovative product. I hope they make it available in malls. It would be a hit, I tell you!

Carolyn Scholl – ( Corpus Christi, TX ) Reviewed on: July 2014

I have bad eyesight so driving at night is the worst thing ever. Thankfully, my husband got me the Night View Sunglasses people have been talking about. I must say it works well. It makes it easier for me to drive at night but it’s not as effective in blocking off the light. I mean, it does what it says it does on the video but for me; I still get irritated with the flash of light. But this is way better than not having any aid for me.

Mark Montano – ( Atlanta, GA ) Reviewed on: July 2014

Working as a ground crew in the airport, I get really bothered by the flash of lights coming from the runway and the airplane. It is blinding that it really affects how I do my work. I’ve tried a lot of glasses that says something about night vision. But none works. I finally tried NV Glasses and I was impressed. Among the products I’ve tried, this has got to be the best one. It really minimizes the light glare and it makes it easy for me to see and work effectively. I highly recommend NV Glasses!

Princess Cardona – ( Los Angeles, CA ) Reviewed on: July 2014

Night View NV is a big thing in our street. So I decided to get one for myself. Now I know why these glasses were a big thing. Originally I thought it was a new fashion trend but apparently it made the vision clearer and has that sepia-like dramatic view. I like it and I’m glad that I bought one for myself. It’s worth your money and the wait.

Madison Medina – ( Raleigh, NC ) Reviewed on: July 2014

I was curious with the NV Glasses so I decided to purchase it. It was attractive on video and I felt like it had a reasonable price. I wasn’t as impressed as the other reviews. I encountered problems on the first few days. The screws to the frames were a bit loose so it fell off. But I was able to fix it. The other pair, I had no issues. I think it was just a factory defect. But it was fixable anyway. I like the product. It made driving or going out at night easier!

Trinity Shamrock – ( Billings, MT ) Reviewed on: July 2014

Hiking is one of the things I love doing. But it really gets dangerous at times especially when the rain is too heavy but you are in the middle of the track in the woods. I used to have a hardcore sports glasses but I can only wear them in the morning til sundown. So I struggle at night. Now all I bring are my Night View Glasses I got online. It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to my hiking life. Every hiker friend of mine loved it too!

Miranda Thompson – ( Albuquerque, NM ) Reviewed on: July 2014

My husband got into accident a few years back because he was blinded by the headlights of an approaching car. So when I saw that there was a night view glasses that will lessen the glare of the light, I immediately grabbed the opportunity and bought one. I was very excited to receive my Night View NV glasses. I was surprised to receive two pairs because I thought I paid around $40 for just one. But instead I got two. It’s a good buy because it’s affordable and it works like how the video says it should. Now, my husband and I can both prevent getting into accidents especially at night!